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Rebuilding an old layout in InDesign

I've been brushing up my graphic design portfolio recently, which admittedly had receded into the background since I left the Star and focused more on photography, video, and motion graphics. I've kept several printed copies of old program guides that I designed for the late great KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular, but have been unable to find any digital copies to actually feature on my website portfolio. I resorted at first to photographing the actual program guides, and while that was a stopgap, I realized I needed to figure out if I still had the digital files somewhere.

Then it hit me to just redo the layouts from scratch...mind blown. If anything, it would get me back into the swing of InDesign and sure enough, it was like riding a bike. And strangely, there was a feeling of coming back home after being away from regularly using it for so long...weird.

Below is the "remastered" layout with crop marks, as well as those aforementioned photos. Granted, it's not an avant garde design, but it displays basic fundamental competencies that many "real world" projects are made up of: utilizing character styles and paragraph styles, spacing, and composition.

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